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Wednesday, 16. April 2014 - 12:08 o'clock
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Name: Keiphoto  Gender Male
E-mail: Pepegonzalez23@hotmail.com
Location: Mx
User Guestbook Message  Saturday, 21. September 2013 - 05:10 o'clock - Host: node-1195.pool-118-173.dynamic.totbb.net     
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Name: Billy Burgess  Gender Male
E-mail: wolfie00127@hotmail.com
Location: uk
User Guestbook Message  Saturday, 25. July 2009 - 08:30 o'clock - Host:     
Thank you so much Utopia, you all made our trip so memorable. The resort is stunning and the views are beautiful.
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Name: Malieka en Kuy  Gender Female
User Guestbook Message  Tuesday, 21. July 2009 - 20:13 o'clock - Host: 195-241-46-240.ip.telfort.nl     
Dear staff,

We had an very pleasant stay at your hotel from 9th - 11th of june. You all are so kind en friendly! Keep going like this, when we are on ko pangan again, we will stay at your resort for sure!We will recomend your hotel in holland!
Thanks for everything,

kind regards Malieka
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Name: Roland  Gender Male
E-mail: troro@gmx.at
User Guestbook Message  Wednesday, 24. June 2009 - 21:33 o'clock - Host:     
hello utopia staff,
we had so a pleasant stay from 16. to 17. June.
thanks to all and hope to see you again sometimes...

roland, ingrid and stephan
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Name: Alexa  Gender Female
User Guestbook Message  Friday, 15. May 2009 - 15:42 o'clock - Host: 86-100-82-246-ip.balticum.lt     
Hey guys! :) Haven't been here 4 a long time sorry! :) But I'll try to make it up How r u?
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Name: CHRIS  Gender Male
E-mail: christianchristmann@gmx.de
User Guestbook Message  Friday, 30. January 2009 - 23:10 o'clock - Host: 77-23-24-226-dynip.superkabel.de     
Hello Tam,
did you remember? yeah!
It was already a great time this Year
Nice 6 weeks
Hope we come back soon and the weather will be
more dry...
Greeting to the god staff

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Name: Mirco  Gender Male
E-mail: mir_co@web.de
Location: Berlin
User Guestbook Message  Monday, 09. June 2008 - 14:02 o'clock - Host: i59F7F499.versanet.de     
Hi guys,
we stayed in march a couple of weeks....
see you next year !
We┬┤ll come back as soon as possible. I tell you !
Anne and Mirco
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Name: Bertrand Ernie  Gender Male
E-mail: BertrandErnie@aol.com
User Guestbook Message  Monday, 09. June 2008 - 07:43 o'clock - Host: cpe-98-150-168-195.hawaii.res.rr.com     
Beautiful resort you guys have there. If I can make a suggestion, your site shoudl carry more pictures of the interior.

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Name: moo  Gender Male
E-mail: bugmoo@hotmail.com
Location: THAILAND
User Guestbook Message  Wednesday, 02. April 2008 - 09:59 o'clock - Host: ppp-58-8-139-190.revip2.asianet.co.th     
Hi...I stay at utopia 26-27 March 2008. I very happy. you good views,good food,good service. I hope to come back and stay with you again. soon thank you...
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Name: Gavin and Mary Anne  Gender Male
E-mail: tigershoot@hotmail.co.uk
User Guestbook Message  Wednesday, 26. March 2008 - 15:06 o'clock - Host: 32.pool62-37-210.dynamic.orange.es     
We have stayed here twice now. First time in what was then the best room - V1. That was in 2006 when they were extending the resort. We stayed 5 nights.

In late April 2007 we stayed 7 nights in JV1 the jacuzzi bungalow. Fantastic! The staff are very friendly - they remembered us from 2006. The food is great too - just stick to Thai as they do it best and it's cheap. The views are stunning. It's remote so you'll need to hire a scooter. I would not stay anywhere else.

The Thai owner speaks excellent English and is very helpful.

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